Wordpress Start-Up Package


How Many Times Have You Said To Yourself If Only I Could Get Over The Technical Stuff I Would Be Free To Focus 100% On Building My Business

Dear fellow small business owner or entrepreneur,
The good news is that Wordpress is a very easy platform to work with once you have it all set up and running smoothly that is.
  • As easy to create posts and pages as if you were using Microsoft Word for example
  • Written just as Google likes it .. so greater and easier SEO and search engine rankings
  • It can easily cope with pretty much any size business you want to build, whether it you are a solo-entrepreneur, a small business, a membership club or in a network marketing business looking to use Pay Per Click

Some people take to the technical side of things online like a duck to water, whereas others just struggle with everything from the technical side through to the design side and beyond. (and this can cost you a ton of money and lots of frustration when you have to outsource it to a web designer.)

And even if you get the technical side up and running .. adding all those images and creating a blog header can leave you just as frustrated.

 And that's exactly why we are here to help you....
 You'll Never Need To Hire A Web Designer Every Time You Need Something Changing Or Adding To Your Wordpress Website 
For too many years website designers have been able to name their price, bamboozle you with SEO and jargon and unless you had the skill set to build a website yourself.
Quite frankly you were stuck with no choice.
In today's Wordpress World things could not be more different .
 You don't need to know HTML coding or hire a programmer for a few hundred quid an hour as we can get you up and running in usually less than a couple of weeks .. and that means you can literally "be in business" by next weekend!
How exciting! And it won't cost you an arm and a leg either .

Plus your Wordpress Website is going to look very cool too .. 

Small To Medium Sized Businesses Like Contemporary Log Living Are Dominating The Search Engines Thanks To Our Special SEO Formula 

With Wordpress websites you are 100% in control of your business because you are 100% AWARE of all the marketing data your prospective customers are using to find you.

Plus we are going to show you how to do all of that and more and more with our Wordpress Start-Up Plus Wordpress "How To" Coaching Service. 

Develop Your Competitive Advantage And Leave The Competition Wondering What Just Hit 'EM!

Wordpress websites offer you a slice of something that has never been available before ... so easily and with such accuracy
"Just think about this for one moment, at no other time in history have people sat at their keyboards typing all their problems into a search engine. 
"How To .. do something"
"What is .. something"
"How Can I ... learn about something"
And now you can start doing the most important thing for your business ... you can start listening to exactly what your customers want .. and then give it to them! Your competitors will be left scratching their heads as you start DOMINATING your niche!


Order Your Done For You Wordpress Website From Us Today And Receive ..

 Your own self-hosted Wordpress Blog Set Up ready to go! (Self-hosting subscription will be required) we want you to be in fully in charge of your own business and we'll discuss everything with you at each step.

 A unique and fully optimized Wordpress site complete with Wordpress Plug ins & tools to gain more organic traffic from the search engines

 Added security plug-ins for added peace of mind and protection

 Social Media Widget added so you can instantly start connecting with people through Social Media

 Free addition of an Aweber opt in form to start building your list. (Aweber subscription will be required)

 FREE unique website header image included

    We Could Easily Charge Two Or Three Times The Cost For What We Are Doing But We Want To Help As Many People As Possible Get Up And Running And Then Off And Running Online With Wordpress