Complete Online Marketing Funnel Set-Up


How To Generate Highly Targeted Leads In Your Inbox Every Day Before Breakfast.

If you are completely lost on how to create an online marketing funnel for your business, we can help you.

It seems so simple doesn’t it?

You simply create a lead magnet or opt in offer.

You then simply add it your website using an opt in form or create a designated lead page.

You then simply create a Thank You page / Download page where your customers can download their freebie.

You then simply create a short follow up email series (that doesn’t sound too salesy)

And then you simply generate appointments and sales!


We make it look simple because quite frankly we've been doing it for years

This Innocent Looking Little Opt In Offer Has A 35% Conversion Rate And Is Responsible For £1,000,000 In Sales Revenue To Date And Growing

Whatever your particular niche is, YOU and your business will benefit from having an Opt In Offer designed to speak directly to your ideal clients or customers.

Your Opt In Offer should ideally solve a problem your customer is having, educate them by giving them valuable information or act as a pre-selling tool for a product or service that you offer.

And let me tell you from experience here,  people get themselves tied up in knots trying to create one.

 Adding A Second One Can Potentially Double Your Enquiries And Serve Two Sectors Of Your Client Base

We’ve run long Opt In Offers (like 30 Day Challenges and 7 Day Learning Curves) and short ones.

As people tend to be busier today than ever before the shorter ones are currently performing better at giving people information fast and to the point (which they like 😊).

What that gives you as the business owner is the way to potentially double your enquiries by creating different Opt In Offers for your different types of customers.

 (It's all a win/win) 

Hit The Ground Running With Your Lead Generation Efforts With An Online Marketing Funnel Designed For Your Business

Simply Designing and setting up an online marketing funnel for your business is not an easy task. I’ve seen small business owners and home based entrepreneurs literally rooted to the spot for months, sometimes . If the design challenges don't trip you up then the technical details of how everything works certainly will.

Then there is a LOT of time you need to spend creating everything.

A Special Free Report Designed For Your Business To Use As An Opt In Offer

An Opt In Offer Form On Your Website Giving Your Free Report Away

A Designated Landing Page (Using Leadpages) For Your Offer
A Designated Landing Page

A 4 Part Email Follow Up Series

Designated Images For Use On Social Media And Facebook

Then when you have all the elements you have to work out which bit goes where and how they all work together.

(At this point we hear stories of people throwing computers out of the window and giving up!)

So we decided to offer you the opportunity to let us help you out with one of the most perplexing of ALL online elements for your business and that is to offer a complete online marketing funnel for your business. 

**Please note this offer is only available for small business owners who have a self-hosted WordPress website.

*You will also need an autoresponder service like Aweber or Mailchimp

This is a premium service with a lot of work involved which can take up to 6 weeks to complete

What you will get included :-

An attractive Free Report designed specifically for your business to use as a lead magnet in your branded colours.

Your Free Report added to your website with an Opt In Offer box connected to your mailing list.

A designated Thank You / Download page to deliver your Free Report.

A 4 x part email follow up series designed specifically for your business.

Images in multiple sizes to help you promote your Lead Magnet on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and Instagram

A social media and editorial content calendar produced for you to follow plus 30 free branded images for instant social media updates.

Total cost £3000.00 inc vat @ 20%

(6 x elements at an average of £500.00 each)

*Designated Facebook Group for Support and added training.